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Emmett Saraceni, known as Lovesik, is a 22-year-old artist from Philadelphia, PA, whose love for music shapes his identity and creative journey. Despite almost complete deafness in his left ear due to cholesteatoma in high school, he channelled his passion, fueling his musical pursuit.

Starting with smartphone beats, Lovesik's skills evolved through FL Studio and diverse instruments in college. Influenced by artists like Tyler, the Creator and Galimatias, his Electronic R&B style incorporates cinematic storytelling. "Falling Into Love," with over 5.5 million Spotify streams, showcases his profound impact.

Lovesik's future involves refining his sound, releasing albums, and connecting through live performances. He believes in music's power to enrich lives, aiming to evoke emotions and inspire listeners worldwide. With unwavering passion, Lovesik's music fuses Electronic R&B and cinematic elements, inviting audiences into an emotional journey.

Lovesik's newest emotive masterpiece, 'Another' delves into the universal experience of heartbreak, skillfully encapsulating the sensation of a crumbling existence as a cherished partner departs. Amidst the poignant verses, a poignant twist emerges in the second, revealing how past heartaches could evolve into unexpected blessings. The genesis of this creation was a profound urge to articulate the raw emotions of separation, resulting in a hauntingly beautiful exploration of the aftermath of love's end.


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